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How Can I Overcome My Fear of Tooth Extractions?

May 13, 2024

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Lady looks frightened

While one of the goals of dentistry is to prevent tooth loss, sometimes a tooth has to be removed for the sake of the other teeth and the patient’s overall health. If a tooth is severely injured or decayed or if the mouth simply doesn’t have enough room for it, it may need removal to prevent further infections or alignment issues like crowding. While a tooth extraction may sound like a daunting procedure, your dentist will do everything they can to keep the process safe and comfortable for you. Here are a few tips for overcoming a fear of tooth extractions.


Required Removal: 3 Benefits of Tooth Extractions

April 13, 2024

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3D artistic rendering of forceps extracting a large tooth

While dentists strive to preserve natural teeth, in cases of severe damage, decay, or breakage, removal, and replacement may be the best course of action. When a tooth is beyond repair, extraction is a necessary step to safeguard your dental health.

Many patients balk at the news that they need to have one of their pearly whites taken out. It’s normal to be anxious, but it’s also important to remember that your dentist wouldn’t have recommended this treatment if they didn’t feel it was necessary. Continue reading to learn about 3 of the benefits of having a tooth extracted and why you don’t have to worry!


Post-Op Problems: Is Pain Normal After a Root Canal?

March 8, 2024

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Woman with brown hair in white shirt holding her hand to her face in pain

If you had a severely damaged or decayed tooth, then there’s a good chance your dentist performed a root canal to preserve and protect it. Many patients worry that this procedure will be long and painful, but typically that’s not the case. You’ll be numbed and/or sedated so you don’t feel discomfort, and it’s more likely to alleviate any throbbing than cause it.

While it’s normal to experience some mild aches and inflammation after your appointment, it should gradually dissipate. After a week or two, you should feel completely normal. If you’ve recently had a root canal and have worsening discomfort that won’t abate, keep reading to learn more about the potential causes and why you should call your dentist!


How Can My Family Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month?

February 13, 2024

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Child smiles

Every day, your child is bombarded with countless messages promoting sugary snacks that can cause dental disaster if not consumed in moderation. Luckily, February is Children’s Dental Health Month, making it an excellent time for your child to learn about the importance of dental healthcare and brush up on their oral hygiene skills. Here’s what you should know about this important time of year and how you can celebrate it with your kids at home.


Why Do Wisdom Teeth Grow Sideways?

January 3, 2024

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person wondering why wisdom teeth grow sideways

For some people, the final teeth to emerge are the wisdom teeth, and their arrival can be troublesome. These third molars typically appear between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five, often leading to persistent discomfort and potential damage to other permanent teeth. Continue reading to learn why wisdom teeth might erupt sideways or become impacted, along with treatment options for this issue.


Don’t Derail Your Invisalign Treatment: 3 Tips to Stay on Track

December 7, 2023

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woman holding an Invisalign aligner

When it comes to preparing for the holidays, you may need help to determine how best to stay on track with your Invisalign treatment. Navigating this time of year can be difficult for anyone who is trying to lose weight, establish a proper sleep routine, or even straighten their teeth. This is why it’s important to keep these 3 tips in mind so that you do not derail your Invisalign treatment and delay your ultimate results.


I’m Thinking About Getting Dentures; What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Them?

November 10, 2023

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Dentures can be an excellent way to restore a smile after extensive tooth loss. Because of them, many patients are smiling confidently and eating foods that would have been impossible to chew without them. While millions of people in America are wearing dentures right now, many common misconceptions about them persist. Here are a few commonly believed falsehoods about dentures and the truth about these tried-and-true restorations.


Why Should I Soak My Dentures Overnight?

October 13, 2023

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Dentures are an excellent way to restore a smile after extensive tooth loss. In addition to allowing a patient to smile confidently again, they also restore much of their chewing ability and help keep their jaw strong and healthy. While modern dentures are known for being incredibly comfortable, it is not a good idea to wear them continuously for days at a time. Here’s why you should always remove and soak your dentures before going to bed.


4 Tips for Speaking Clearly with New Dentures

September 15, 2023

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A couple smiling with their dentures

When you first get dentures, they can cause problems with your speech. Words with the “s,” “f,” “th,” and “v” sounds are especially troublesome, often causing slurred speech. This can lead to embarrassment or self-confidence issues that may keep you from socializing.

Don’t let this get you down. Dentures take time to get used to. You’ll most likely be practicing for a month or so before you see great improvement. Continue reading to find four exercises you can use to get better at speaking in dentures.


My Toothache Suddenly Disappeared; What Now?

August 11, 2023

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Confused woman

From that tool you thought you’d put away properly to your child when you need someone to vacuum the hallway, things have a strange way of disappearing. It can be especially surprising when the sharp, throbbing, miserable pain of a toothache suddenly vanishes. While you might think you’re out of the woods when that happens, the truth is that you should immediately schedule an emergency visit with your dentist. Here’s why a toothache that has disappeared can still be a major dental health concern.

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