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When Can I Get Dentures Following Tooth Extractions?

May 3, 2023

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Dentures are one of the most popular and accessible solutions for replacing missing teeth, and countless generations of patients have turned to these prosthetics to rebuild their smiles and restore their quality of life. However, sometimes a patient must undergo tooth extraction before they’re able to practically receive dentures. Keep reading to learn more from your trusted dentist about how long most patients can expect to wait to get their dentures after having one or more of their teeth removed.

How Long Does It Take the Mouth to Heal Following a Tooth Extraction?

Following tooth extraction(s), it takes the gum tissue 6 to 8 weeks on average to fully close and become tough enough to tolerate eating firmer foods. However, for your gums to heal enough in preparation for permanent dentures, it might take up to 6 months. It’s important to note that since healing is a biological process, it can’t be rushed by you or your oral surgeon. There are also things you can do that’ll prove detrimental to your recovery and ultimately slow things down, such as smoking, using tobacco, and failing to adhere to your oral surgeon’s guidelines.

It’s also worth mentioning that following tooth extraction, your mouth will likely change shape as the gums heal and the remaining natural teeth move slightly. You might also experience bone loss in your jaw. These circumstances vary from patient to patient, so it’ll be monitored by your dentist and any adjustments will be made as needed.

When Can I Receive My Dentures?

Technically, you can receive dentures immediately after undergoing tooth extraction—but these are referred to as immediate, or temporary, dentures. They’re typically fitted before the extraction(s) so that you can go home that very day wearing them. They’re designed to protect the shape of the mouth as it heals, and they’ll eventually be replaced by your permanent dentures—but even though they’re only temporary, they remain an instrumental step in the entire process as they help to prepare your mouth for your future restorations!

Once your mouth has healed sufficiently, which can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months depending on the patient’s individual healing factors, you can be fitted with your permanent dentures. From there, it becomes a simple matter of caring for your dentures as instructed and situating them to serve you well for the foreseeable future!

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