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My Lower Denture Won’t Stay in Place; What Can I Do?

June 2, 2023

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a closeup of a lower denture

If you have dentures, you might be pretty thankful to have functional, beautiful teeth—after all, these awesome restorations have helped countless generations of patients to eat, smile, and laugh with ease once more. But unfortunately, they don’t come without their own unique issues, including the tendency to shift out of place. When this happens, it can be quite bothersome—especially if it’s frequently happening to your lower denture, as you’d maybe think gravity alone would be enough to stabilize it! That said, here’s more about why this can sometimes happen, along with some tips for keeping your dentures in place so that they serve you well for several years to come.

Why Do Dentures Shift Out of Place?

In a perfect world, dentures would remain situated exactly where they need to be inside of the mouth—but unfortunately, there are certain things that force them out of place. Needless to say, this can be quite frustrating! It can also affect both upper and lower dentures. The cause often boils down to one of these reasons:

  • Changes to the jaw that occur following tooth loss, such as bone resorption.
  • Damage to the denture, either to the base or the prosthetic teeth.
  • Poorly designed dentures made from lesser materials; these often fail to meet expectations.
  • Decreased saliva production that reduces the amount of suction securing the denture.

Keeping Your Dentures in Place

You should want to keep your dentures stabilized in the correct position as often as you wear them—but this is easier said than done! Your best bet for addressing ill-fitting dentures is to see your dentist for an assessment. Sometimes what’s known as a denture reline might be necessary, which involves your dentist readapting the base of your current denture to rest properly against your gums.  In other cases, a new denture can be made for your mouth, or an alternate tooth replacement like dental implants might be recommended.

In any case, practicing wearing your dentures is one of the keys to finding success with keeping them in place. Denture adhesives might also be used to secure a bottom denture; generally, three small dots will suffice (less is more). Your dentures are intended to replace your natural teeth in terms of beauty and functionality, so if yours aren’t staying in place properly, it’s not something you should needlessly endure!

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