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My Toothache Suddenly Disappeared; What Now?

August 11, 2023

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From that tool you thought you’d put away properly to your child when you need someone to vacuum the hallway, things have a strange way of disappearing. It can be especially surprising when the sharp, throbbing, miserable pain of a toothache suddenly vanishes. While you might think you’re out of the woods when that happens, the truth is that you should immediately schedule an emergency visit with your dentist. Here’s why a toothache that has disappeared can still be a major dental health concern.

Why Would My Toothache Disappear?

Toothaches typically happen because decay has breached the hard outer layers of the tooth and reached the soft center. This center, called pulp, contains nerve endings and blood vessels. When the tissues of the pulp become inflamed due to infection, the attached nerves send distress signals to the brain. This sort of neurological phenomenon is commonly referred to as “pain.” If the infection spreads to and destroys the nerve endings, this pain will cease even though the infection will continue.

What Happens if I Skip Treatment After My Toothache Disappears?

An untreated toothache will not be so polite as to leave the rest of the body alone. While the infection will result in the destruction and loss of the tooth if allowed to progress, it can also spread to neighboring teeth and infect them similarly. Since the pulp of a tooth contains blood vessels, bacteria infecting it have access to the circulatory system which can allow them to cause secondary infections in other parts of the body. To make matters worse, an extensively decayed tooth can ruin your social life by fouling your breath.

What Should I Do if My Toothache Disappears?

If your toothache mysteriously disappears, contact your dentist to schedule an emergency appointment. Your dentist will likely perform a procedure called a root canal to cleanse the infection and prevent further damage and loss of the tooth. The modern form of this procedure is quite painless and will involve the placement of a crown.

If your toothache suddenly disappears, don’t leave your dental health to chance. Contact your dentist immediately so that you can get the proper care you need. Your smile will thank you for years afterward.

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